Wearing socks sucks.

I wore this to:
- meet my friend's tiny 6 pound, 1 week old baby!
- meet up with the guy who will help take care of my feral cats
- went to a clothing swap
- dinner @ Quantum Leap
- looked at interior design books @ St. Marks Books
- called Safe Slope to walk me home from the subway

I won't complain about it getting colder because we're all adults here. But really I won't complain because everyone else beat me to it.


cardigan/american aparel
scarf/bklyn thrift
shoes/vintage, etsy

My swap goal was to get rid of more than I took, which was a success. I got rid of 3 dresses, 1 shirtdress tunic, 2 shirts, 1 pair of shoes and 2 bags and only returned with two shirts. Success!


  1. What this outfit needs is some big hair and Axl Rose leggings! Then again, no.

    I'm jealous that you get to eat anywhere named Quantum Leap.

  2. Is the green cardy and olive-y colour? It ties in so well with the scarf and dress. You aren't going to tell me where I can get that dress are you? It's beautiful!

  3. How cold is it, because I relish the colder weather and the crunch of the leaves underfoot. It has been cool here in the morning and then quite warm during the day. I never know how to dress in the morning. Light layers I guess.

  4. Cold or no, you look great. And I love the effect in these photos!

  5. Cute! I could see myself in this little number!

  6. Safe Slope? Is that what I think it is. I leave and the neighborhood goes down the tubes... :( Hope you do indeed stay safe. I hear they caught the creep that had been making headlines but it seems like more problems are afoot.

  7. Cold or no, you look great. And I love the effect in these photos!


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