I wore this to:
- bike to Pier 6
- take ferry to Gov's Island
- watch bf do some stuff with New Gallery Band of York
- take ferry back from Gov's Island
- survey retail vendors for participation in Safe Slope*

all sweatshop including the mall teen Misfits shirt

Last weekend was alright. In addition to the above I got to:

- see my friend M and sell clothes at Beacon's ($70 credit there, partially chipped away by the purchase of a plaid button down)

- see The Incredibles on a lawn on Roosevelt Island (took the tram back)

- see my friend S and go to favorite-Brooklyn-thrift-which-shall-remain-nameless and vegetarian dim sum

- work (okay, that was a bummer but at least I was working from home)

I never thought I'd say this but I would live on Roosevelt Island if I could. I love it there. Strangely peaceful. Weirdly hermetic. Lighthouse-having. And every cat I saw was eartipped already.

Which is a sea change; I previously thought people who lived there were strange creatures for wanting to be on some tiny island with just a few stores and a tram. Now I just think they're lucky.


* Safe Slope is a community group I'm involved with that formed as a response to the sexual assaults in our neighborhood. It includes some of the awesome women I worked with to post the rape incident awareness fliers. (I haven't posted it but there were 2 more attacks in the last 2 weeks.) This also explains my blogging absence since my very limited spare time has been split between work-work, Safe Slope work, food co-op animal welfare committee work and what I listed above. I have been reading More Tales of the City on the subway to decompress.

So if you're in South Broooklyn, come like our page. Some cool things are happening, including a Take Back Our Streets rally next week, a Safe Walk program and Safe Space store program. And people have been posting some good news (free self defense classes!) on our page as well.


  1. Sounds like some awesome times to me. Lots of friends and biking and islanding involved. Sign me up!

  2. Lots of friends and biking and islanding involved. Sign me up!

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