My $80 - September

The chilly weather caught me unawares - and in a t-shirt - last week, which prompted this impulse buy. I am shining it on since I secretly love fleece items when they're not shaped like sweatshirts. I feel like I still get to feel lazy but since it's covert fleece, I feel like I don't look lazy. (Don't tell me if I do. And don't imagine me in this with beret. Because that's not going to happen.)

Alignment with values? Vegan - check. Sweatshop free - supposedly. Longevity of use ("eco") - somewhat seasonal but we'll see. I've forced myself to wear it on every jacket-requiring day to get used to it so I'll wear it more.

Capes + bags prove problematic. Especially since I always carry a bag large enough to fit 2 days' worth of camping necessities in it. I think my best bet is either a wristlet (yeah, right) or a skinny tote bag (alright) so I don't look like a humpback.

So much for mining my wishlist for September.

What's that? I have $10 left because that cape is only $70? Nah, brah. I already spent $10 at the Bkyn thrift on a kids' size denim jacket (to make into a vest), a kids' size blazer (to wear as an adult), pants (to be tailored to straight leg), a knit cap and a bandana.


  1. It is super cute and it is a good length so you can pull it off with a myriad of outfits. I used to have a very long cape that just looked sort of over the top. I too ran into the bag problem. My solution was to not sling my bag, but to hold it by the short handles. It made me very uncomfortable since I was afraid someone would try to snatch my bag. I ended up getting rid of said cape. Your cape though, seems much more wearable. I hope the tote bag idea works.

  2. that is adorable! i love secret sweatshirts too - they're the best idea ever.

  3. Score! I've been hunting Ebay for a cape, but they tend to be either wool or hideous. This looks like a good solution.

  4. but they tend to be either wool or hideous. This looks like a good solution.


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