I have $@## awesome neighbors

Part of why I haven't been around this blog very much is because of sexual assaults. I know I've spoken here about (now 8) sexual assaults/rapes, a great majority of which have happened within 10 blocks from my apartment, on streets I walk on regularly and at the same times I regularly walk them.

I am lucky enough to have proactive, non-victim-blaming feminist neighbors who see this as a community issue (not a woman's issue) and get involved. After one meeting with about 8 friends and neighbors, a community safety group was formed. Two programs (a safe escort and safe place program) were decided upon and to raise awareness both for the incidents and new programs, a one-time rally was organized.

Within 2 weeks we had a roster of speakers who focused on community safety lined up and a number of local city officials who wanted to join in.

And 300-500 people showed up. For each other.

I can't tell you how insanely proud I am of the people I worked with. So many people - of varied genders - busted their ass on this and so many community members showed up for each other. Which is so awe-inspiring and humbling I can't even stand it.

My favorite sign

photo from here

Anyway, that's where most of my spare time went lately. And I know I always hem and haw about community outreach and knowing your neighbors and getting involved but -- I don't think there's any better example than this. What is more fundamentally inspiring than people who want to keep each other free from harm?

While it was covered by channels 2, 4, 11, 12, etc. below is the coverage from two local blogs:
PS Patch


  1. Your neighbors do indeed rock. I'm glad to hear that folks are organizing and getting involved. That's what's great about city life. A couple of bad apples for hundreds more community minded, people. Who says solidarity is dead?

  2. That is so cool. It is very inspiring to know that people care for one another in a community. I hope I can be that kind of neighbor.

  3. This is so inspiring. I hope that raised awareness and community vigilance put an end to the awful attacks. Good job on doing the right thing and helping get these people together. Nothing but nothing gives people more strength and courage than feeling like they're not alone. Attacks or not, you've just helped make your hood more connected. Awesome.

  4. Yes, those neighbors ARE $@## awesome. What a team!

  5. This is brilliant! Living in a city can make you feel disconnected from others, but reading this is really heartening.

  6. xxx awesome job from all of you.


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