Frankie Say Relax!

I wore this to:
- plan, strategically

rain shoes/westwood for melissa

whistle necklace/bklyn charm

Last night I missed the one FNO event I actually wanted to go to (at Mooshoes) because I was still at work at 10pm. I usually come in late to "make up for it" but lately I've been working at home late at night, answering emails from my Blackberry in the morning and all around being burned out. Stick a fork in me - I'm (over) done. I really and truly love my job but August and September have been a blur.

If I get through this last part of the gauntlet today (presenting 2 workshops) and work for 4 hours over the weekend, I should be in decent enough shape to not want to shoot myself when I walk in Monday morning.

I have well over 25 vacation days to use but can never seem to find meeting-less or project-less days to take them. I made it a point to schedule days the week after next so lay your Frankie Say Relax! ideas on me.


  1. Holy mud, how are you still functioning at all? Also, is the subway close to your apartment, or are you walking alone after 10?

    I hope someone has good relaxation tips.

  2. Nothing to add, except that your hair looks great here! It's nice that you matched your outfit to your cat, too.

  3. Okay, so you have some time off coming to you? Get out of the city. OR get a pile of movies and sit in your pjs watching them all day. Maybe over-imbibe the evening before your days off start? After our exhibition I felt mentally exhausted but also totally sank half a bottle of wine (mebbe a little more) and that had me fully relaxed the next day. I think it's emptying your head of all the "things to do" thoughts that helps one relax properly. Good luck.

  4. Come and visit me! You can stay in my spare room and I'll show you the sights of north England. The flight might be a bit prohibitively expensive, however.

  5. @Rebekah - no the subway is a 10 minute walk from my apartment. I usually walk down the main drag and then up 2 blocks on a residential street, where 2 people I know live between the first cross streets and most of my neighbors know me on my own block. I also carry my aluminum baton and know to stealthily check behind me - most of the attacks in my area have been from behind, and he tries to get them in their doorway. The neighborhood has such a bloodlust for this person(s) now that my new plan is to just hang onto him and scream my head off so people come outside and beat the crap out of him until the cops get there. *sigh*

    @ Sarah - it's funny because for the one cat I ever adopted on purpose, I purposely sought a black cat for that very reason. I had no idea I'd get lucky x5.

    @ Teeny - I think I'm going to go with the hermiting and pampering option so good call!

    @ Jacky - I WISH. Holy moly.

  6. Jesse, I'm glad you've put so much thought into this, but sorry you've had to put so much thought into this. Sigh, indeed.

  7. this, but sorry you've had to put so much thought into this. Sigh, indeed.


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