Falling Leaf Unease

I wore this to:
- work
- wear a cardigan for the first time this season
- wear wrinkled pants
- go to a community group planning meeting

I am feeling my annual unease about fall. More specifically about all signs pointing to the necessity of clothes shopping now that fall and winter are coming. (Retail ads. Blogs.) It's not as if I have thrown out all fall and winter wear from last year. Or I have never layered or wore sweaters or boots before. There have been a few seasons I've been short some items I never replaced from the prior season so yeah, I might think to buy something because of an approaching season. But I just feel so marketed-to when it seems like I am expected to reinvent my entire wardrobes come spring and fall.

Anyway, it was the first day I wore a cardigan in a long time and it's a 4 year old cardigan.

cardigan & bag/sweatshop
pants/Buffalo Exchange
shoes/Westwood for Melissa

I figured I'd also show you my glasses since I rarely face the camera (a combination of me always looking super serious and also to avoid blinking photos). I am possibly getting new glasses soon and I'm torn between aqua and clear acrylic.





  2. I vote for clear acrylic glasses, so they would match Everything and you could look like a welder. Not being snarky - I think they would be cool.

    Love your blog

  3. I feel the same. I get really ANGRY when I start seeing Fall/Spring "inspirations' in shop windows months before the seasons have begun. You're wearing a Fall pallette in this outfit you know, and I am loving those pants. Clear or aqua they're going to be cool frames.

  4. I love cardigans that last that long! I really like those glasses. I'm in need of some but I keep putting it off

  5. That IS a great bag, haven't seen it in a long time.

    Holidays make me feel "marketed-to," almost to the point that it takes the fun out of them.

    Clear glasses seem more versatile than aqua, unless you like the way aqua looks with most of your other wardrobe colors. Someone (Sal?) argued that glasses-colors, like eye colors, never clash with anything.

  6. I hear you on the marketing. I've figured out a way to tune out most of that. Probably because I've perfected the art of self-absorption.
    Way to rock the first cardi of the fall!

  7. My favorite pair of glasses are a clear acrylic. Like Rad, I typically tune out all the marketing.

  8. I am with you re: fall marketing, and I wish I could tune out like Rad and Terri. I just get way too worked up to ignore the whole thing.

    I've really liked my clear acrylic glasses. They do go with everything.

  9. I'm with the clear acrylic crowd on the glasses - super cute frames! Love cardigans and wear them (perhaps too) copiously.

  10. I could tune out like Rad and Terri. I just get way too worked up to ignore the whole thing.

  11. Love the bag---where exactly is it from? I tried googling sweatshop, and well, no luck. Thanks.

  12. where can I find a glasses like those?


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