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I can't recall what I did in this outfit so I'll skip the "I wore this to" bit today. I do recall the guy at my local coffee shop asking me if I was dressed up for a reason. Yes! I was out of clean laundry so I was wearing non-black items. Thank you for noticing.


skirt/american apparel
shirt/brooklyn thrift
necklace/brooklyn charm
flats/sweatshop retail

As I mentioned earlier, I've been feeling all "whatever, world!"about clothes lately. Not only am I drawn to posting about goats and cats instead of clothes recently, but I'm also feeling a surge of wanting to be kick ass and realizing I'm just so pitifully out of shape.

One day I want to run with the big girls who can bike their bikes all over town! (I'm mostly thinking of Bitch Cakes and Cutie Julie.) So I've been trying to ride my bike more. I'm seeing some improvements (I bike my groceries home now) but it's still challenging when there's an incline and my thighs are like, "Step off, b!tch!"

And I want to be in decent enough shape to complete the Run for the Turtles! 5k I'm doing in October with my friends S and J. I just completed week 1 of Couch to 5k. Hopefully I'll make it to week 7 (out of 9) before the 5k so I don't have my butt handed to me.

I call these my She-Hulk goals. Do you have She-Hulk goals?

{The fundraiser is for a non-profit that partners with city zoos, one being the very zoo I used to docent for, and we all know how I feel about zoos, so I am not actively fundraising for it.}


  1. Good luck with Couch to 5K! She-Hulk goals are good.

  2. Your She-Hulk goals sound incredible. I too have been trying to get in shape. My knees hurt for a while after starting in on the biking regime, but they have finally stopped their whining. And yesterday I was at home, doing absolutely nothing, and my whole body was yearning to get out on that bike. So I went for an hour ride for the heck of it. It felt great!
    I would love to take part in an run for a cause I believe in, but I can't find any. All of the animal compassion walks/runs are in the city I left behind. Drag!

  3. Running gets easier each time you do it. You'll totally kick it.

  4. I need you to get on Twitter. I was thinking of you like a little angel on my shoulder when I was tearing around the biggest sweatshop retailer in Times Square this evening. I said to myself "I'll tell Jesse I won't eat meat for a week if I buy things here"

  5. Running terrifies and intrigues me. I have such bad gym class memories. I don't even own real sneakers any more. On the other hand, last week I went on a 26 or so mile spin and was all "sheesh! I'm so out of biking-shape".

    But don't worry! Biking gets easier/ you get used to the parts that aren't easy. I've read books that say that you should add 1/4 of a mile to your ride every few days to be able to build up to going far distances. And keep in mind how you hold your body when you are going up inclines. I'm not sure about the geometry of JH, but climbing works best when you are pushing from the butt- which is why a lot of people will stand up and lean forwards Strengthening exercises like squats can help but, really, I've found that repetition and a good joint supplement do the most help. I've also been jamming on this very non-bike-nerd bike blog, lately: http://lovelybike.blogspot.com

    I believe in you!

    My she-hulk goal is to someday be able to run in the werewolf/villager Holloween 5k they have here in PVD. Half of the runners dress up as werewolves and the other half dress as angry villagers and chase them through town. There are torches and pitchforks involved.

  6. Half of the runners dress up as werewolves and the other half dress as angry villagers and chase them through town. There are torches and pitchforks involved.


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