Lipstick for a Hurricane

I wore this to:
- lock James Hettfield to my internal apartment stairs
- lock my cats and me in the back half of my apartment
- take in anything from my fire escape
- make pesto pasta salad
- try to get cats to stay away from the windows
- fill buckets with water
- sit on the internet
- watch Netflix

Whenever there are impending disaster conditions, I notice how much I've internalized certain points from Lord of the Flies. Specifically how important sight is and therefore how important eyeglasess are. On the surface, I like multiple pairs of glasses because a girl likes some options when giving her eyes a rest from contacts. But when Survivor-like images roll into my brain, I realize that I always plan to pack no less than 3 pairs of eyeglasses if I have to jam so as not to end up like Piggy.

Lord of the Flies has also given me an irrational love of the name Simon.

cult shirt from 09 Terminal 5 show
american apparel skirt
sweatshop bandana and shoes

Eventually I switched to flip flops and just kept rainboots by the door if I had to run out.

Also, I seriously love The Cult.


  1. So no loss of power or water for you? Good good. I'm glad that peeps are safe. My buddies by the water in Westchester, folks in Philly, and elsewhere weren't so lucky

  2. My friend and evacuation-host also kept suspecting a Lord of the Flies situation. We ate so much junk food. I feel so disgusting from what might be Chee-to overdose.

    Don't you hate Terminal 5?

  3. i was thinking about you and the feral colony while the hurricane shenanigans were happening! Hoping you were okay. global warming huh. First we have snow here and then hurricanes where you are.

  4. I love that you take your eyeglass preparedness from Lord of the Flies (even if I HATE that book.) So you weathered the storm alright? Gotta say, you sure looked cuter than I would have in that situation.

  5. Gotta say, you sure looked cuter than I would have in that situation.


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