Harajuku Columbine, the visual

This is what I got constantly mocked for by my coworker while at Farm Sanctuary. Originally it was just that skeleton Mercy for Animals shirt, a pair of denim cutoffs and some blue fake-Keds. Then it started raining so I added the raincoat and boots. I kept protesting, "But it's a FARM. I'm allowed to wear a raincoat and rainboots." It wasn't until I let them take this picture that I got the full effect.

I'll admit. It's a little special.

However, a bunch of people did ask me where I got my boots so the collective effect couldn't have been that bad.

harajuku columbine


  1. That looks like the perfect outfit for being on a farm!

  2. Looks appropriate to me! But then I'm from NZ, country of farms and gumboots. In fact, you look pretty chic for a farm visit.

  3. looks farm friendny to me : ) but as a city gal what do I know about far-wear : ) I'd be sporting something along those lines though...

  4. that outfit is totally fine for farm work. Or anything really. The question is...did you sleep in a tent? Because I want to see a picture of that.


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