Harajuku Columbine visits Farm Sanctuary

Hey y'all. I hope you had a great weekend. Thanks to the generosity of my employer, I got to spend the weekend at Farm Sanctuary's Hoe Down, petting cows, calves, goats, pigs and barn cats and squatting among some very cute and curious cutie turkeys. (And avoiding contra dancing.) Did you know that cows and goats like to be scratched on the forehead?

Farm Sanctuary is (positively) overwhelming. It's shocking how friendly and loving all of these rescued farm animals are, even when they've been badly mistreated by people in the past. Not to get all gooey but Farm Sanctuary is one of the most loving places I've ever visited and I wish that everyone I knew got a chance to go there. I am not moved to "happy tears" that often, since I'm both Italian and a New Yorker, but this place gave me "happy tears" like 50 million times. I do plan to update more on Farm Sanctuary this week since it's such a special place that so few people get to see.

My colleague mocked my Saturday outfit by deeming it "Harajuku Columbine", and it was pretty accurate. There's a picture somewhere on my camera and I shall show you. Oh yes, I shall show you.

And this is was my welcome home from Oona and her tiny mittens!

welcoming me home


  1. I have a gift certificate to their bed & breakfast that I am dying to use! I just haven't had a free weekend all summer.

  2. Wow! That sounds like such an enriching weekend trip. I was just given a copy of the Farm Sanctuary cook book and am dying to try a few of the recipes, mostly the soups, but it is too hot for hardcore cooking. Post more pictures soon! I want to see goats!

  3. Farm Sanctuary sounds glorious. You scratch those furry foreheads!

    Contra dancing is exceptionally fun, and I'm generally a non-dancer.


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