Going Ape

It's been quiet on the blog-front lately only because it's been anything but quiet on every other front in my life. Thankfully I recently bought a hand-crank (monkey) flashlight in case my power goes out because Irene's on her way. And I just picked up Ape House from the library. It'll be a simian weekend.

Thankfully I'm a few blocks away from a low-grade flood zone. Harry and George (my feral cat colony buddies) are on the edge of a flood line. And they live outside so they are double-plus unlucky and I'm crossing my fingers they can ride this out. All I can do is put out food and hope since I don't know where they shelter and I live 5 blocks away from them.

I originally planned to work from home this weekend because I'm really behind but there's a possibility I might be volunteering at some of the evacuation shelter sites (in an animal capacity) if I'm needed. So...I'm just waiting to hear.
Don't worry, I'll bring the monkey flashlight if I end up having to do that.


  1. Stay safe, lady! I am getting nervous and stocking up on stuff. Are you filling your bathtub with water (to flush the toilet, give the kitties something fun to do). I'm so impressed that you're volunteering. You're amazing!

  2. So long as you have a light-up monkey, I won't worry.

  3. So long as you have a light-up monkey, I won't worry.


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