Devil with the blue dress on

photo from Vanilla and Lace

If you read any of the words I ever include on this here blog, you know I struggle with avoiding products made as a result of sweatshop labor and harming animals. Therefore I was very happy to find that Vanilla and Lace put her dresses up for sale!

I've ordered the above dress and I'm really happy to be supporting a fair trade business (as far as labor goes) and a woman-owned business, too.


  1. Excellent choice! I'm trying to do research on brands whose ethical stance I feel I can trust, and it is so freakin' difficult. So much mumbo-jumbo out there, and so few brands with proper transparency. The exception is the small one-person businesses - and it makes me so happy that they are out there!

  2. Yes, fair-trade is a wonderful way to be a consumer (as long as it's legitimate fair trade ... one must be careful ... so many sneaky scammers prowling around out there) ... that's an awfully sweet dress! The red one featured in the post you linked is charming, as well.

  3. Ohh, I'm sure it will look wonderful on you! <3 I can never resist a pan collared dress!

    Lost in the Haze


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