Bike Concessions

Outfit concessions I've made so I can feel okay about riding my bike. Oxfords with skirts. Longer skirts.

I wore this to:
- ride my bike to/from the food co-op
- work
- have another short girl ask me about my James Hettfield (she oogled him!)
- try out a set of Basil panniers Ms. Julie gave me



I hope you didn't misread the title as "bike confessions" or you'll be sorely disappointed. Well, I can throw in one totally wuss moment, I guess. When riding to a Bay Ridge movie theatre (Rise of the Planet of the Apes -- f yeah!), I had to get off and walk because of the "hill". I kept getting stuck at lights or behind cars and having to start again on an incline. My dumb thighs couldn't handle it. The good news is that I am no longer short of breath when riding on the *cough* PPW bike lane and it's invisible-to-the-naked-eye incline at 6th Street.

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Hey, you're looking at someone who failed gym class repeatedly, okay? My health scorecard has officially gone from severely tragic wasteoid to significantly dire. That's progress, blog-readers.

This is my second "long-to-me" bike-okay skirt, purchased specifically with bike-riding in mind. (This was the shameful sweatshop labor purchase I mentioned last month.) We hates it, my precious. It's too big and I hate the color. However, it makes biking a modest endeavor. Although I have to admit, the hotter it's been, the less concerned I've been about skirt upwinds.


One day I'll take a picture outside of my apartment and you might actually get to see me with James.


  1. I've only just started wearing skirts for cycling - I'm working my way up to wearing skirts of all kinds!

  2. I like your outfits, and they look like your usual style! I hate the PPW bike lane with a passion for that reason, as well as the one in the park, which feels entirely uphill. Shameful concession - I once made it halfway around the one in the park, and turned around and biked home downhill because it was just such a trial.

  3. Congratulations on your progress! I went to work the other day, then a meeting after work, then another meeting... then realised I had a big greasy stain down the back of my leg from my bike. Ooops.

  4. then realised I had a big greasy stain down the back of my leg from my bike. Ooops.


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