The Best Nation Tote Bag

I wore this to:
- work
- ? (who can recall at this point?)

shirt/sweatshop retail but 5 years old!
pants/Wbrg Buffalo Exchange resale

tote/wfmu terre t fundraiser

ribbon belt/??

These pants and a black shirt have become my uniform of late. I'm lazy and I like uniforms. I can't help it. Lately I've been all GTD (or Getting Sh!t Done, as I like to call it) and have been "over" clothes. This happens every once in a while and when it does, I try to embrace it. Because it sho don't last long!

I actually love David Allen and GTD so much that I started up a conversation with a random dude who was reading the first GTD book on the subway. "Hey, I love that book. It's so awesome and I use the concepts all the time. Really." Thankfully he was willing to talk about GTD and not leave me hanging like a major dweeb.

The red tote above was actually Terre T's fundraiser for last year. This year the donation premium was an apron. I would show you but I don't have it yet.

*Post title references the panhandling joke. "What's the best nation? A DOUGH-nation!"


  1. I really like the ease of this outfit. Those pants remind of a pair I had years ago. I think I still have them somewhere, all holes and falling apart.
    And I don't think I have ever said it before, but I love you half sleeves. Very badass chickie.

  2. oh gaaaaaaaaad, i think this might be a sign.I'm going to find that book, read it, and let you know how I'm getting sh*t done. And ditto with chelsea, i like your pants and top.

  3. That book seriously changed my life. I don't remember how I dealt with my task list before it. There must be something in the air in Brooklyn because I've been on a crazy productivity, don't care about what I'm wearing roll too. Weird.

  4. I've been a bum this summer too! I have so many cute dresses and I keep throwing on the same tshirts and cropped jeans. So funny because I always want to wear them when it's cold and then I get lazy about putting together outfits in the summer.

  5. ohhh im glad im not the only one who has these moments.

    ps i like your tattoos!

  6. Sounds like a book I should read. Does it have anything about getting off the internet in it? Cuz that my biggest time sink / productivity killer. I've really been spinning my wheels over here. I feel you on going through "over" phases with clothing and enjoying wearing uniforms at times.

  7. I feel you on going through "over" phases with clothing and enjoying wearing uniforms at times.


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