Road Rage

I wore this to:
- go to a wedding in the Catskills
- be in the rental car for 7 hours instead of 2
- gaze upon a truck trailer that had recently been on fire
- know what 9 miles of backed up traffic looks like
- eat & dance
- sing Skid Row songs around a campfire
- stay awake while J drove back to Brooklyn

dress - vintage
black bag - vintage
owl clutch/shoes - sweatshop

The rest stop on the way back to Brooklyn consisted only of 1 open McDonald's and a closed group of other crap places to patronize. There was a need for (black) coffee so that broke my 9+ year ban on buying anything from the Golden Barfbags. While there we experienced two teenage boys marveling at their gluttonous McD order and I'm 99.9% sure they weren't even stoned. Does not compute.

I went with the black bag, in case anyone asks.


  1. This dress is so pretty. I am so so sorry you had to make the stop into a McD's : ( There needs to be better roadside options for people. It's sad when I drove from MA to CA they only stuff available close to the road were crap food places and yeah I had to make the stop into a McD's for coffee and gross salad as well : ( Also the Owl bag is really cute .

  2. Great dress! And I, too, am sorry that you had to stop at McD. Sometimes it can't be helped.

  3. Oh I love this dress! What a find! Too bad about the McD's and the traffic jam. At least the wedding sounded fun!

  4. That dress is super cute! (but that drive does not sounds cute at all..)

  5. This dress reminds me of The Sound of Music. In a good way, promise.

  6. That dress is so cute! I'm sorry you had to sit in awful gross traffic for so long. Did you at least have a good book? Also, our moving combined with the Midwest heat wave has made my boy lazy. So lazy that he actually went around the corner to McD's the other day for iced coffee. It just makes me shake my head. I am not that desperate. Not yet. At least not enough to not be able to boil my own water to make tea.

  7. The dress is perfect. It is beautiful actually. Bad traffic is depressing, so depressing...especially if an accident is involved.


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