I wore this to:
- get sucked into reading Tales of the City
- work

I haven't picked up any of the sequels yet so do not spoil the plot for me if you've read them. Except if it's to confirm that Michael Tolliver and Jon the gyno get back together. Also, it took outside help to figure out what "MT" and "est" were, despite them being mentioned so liberally.

bklyn thrift shirt
american apparel skirt
sweatshop cardigan & shoes

A note on side projects:

A few of the comments on the nut milk post made me consider making cashew cheese. Until I ran into a bunch of recipes that cited sprouted wheatberries, rejuvelac and nutbags. I need a minute to desensitize myself to the word nutbag, etc. Maybe in two weeks I'll be all, "Guys, remember when I didn't sprout wheatberries and drink rejuvelac every day? I was so sheltered. Now I only sleep 2 hours each night and bench press 700 lbs every day."


  1. hmm rejuvelac you say... I had no idea what went into making cashew cheese - I'm assuming that's how the restaurants make their cashew cheese - but I make cashew cheese sauces for pasta with just cashews a little bit of water garlic and a bit of salt to taste... it works really well as a white sauce.

  2. ha yeah, the subways feel so gross. I feel like I can't even trim my bangs for fear I won't be able to get bulk and heat off my forehead. haha....nutbag.....ha...

  3. i used to make cashew cheese and macademia nut cheese with rejuvelac a few times a year and it is worth it, but it's ESPECIALLY amazing if you are going to make raw vegan cheesecake, i have a recipe if you're interested for the best raw macademia lemon cheesecake ever. and the nutmylk bag does double duty as a strainer for juice. i make all my juices that way - in the vitamix, then in the pulp bag to strain. watermelon juice is super easy to make this way with the rind.

  4. oh and addictedtoveggies.com has recipes for raw vegan nut cheese sans rejuvelac.


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