Mutual Admiration

I wore this to:
- work
- go to the food co-op
- eat miso eggplant, veggie gyoza and some vegetable rolls @ ten

I love miso eggplant. And I hope it loves me. Mutual admiration.

dress/beacon's closet
shoes/sweatshop retail

P.S. -

I was fortunate enough to win the blue version of this dress from Ellenitza's ebay auctions. I have no qualms about owning two of these dresses because a) I really like the dress and b) it fits into my goal of not buying any more black dresses!


  1. Mmm, miso eggplant sounds really good. I need to buy some miso. I have decided to go vegan and need some good recipes. Any recipe sites/blogs that you can recommend?

  2. That dress is amazing!

    Miso eggplant sounds good. All of the eggplant sounds good, in fact. I bought two medium ones from the farmer's market on Sunday, and they will probably be gone by Thursday.

  3. Love the dress. There is nothing wrong with owning multiples!

  4. Miso eggplant! ok I have to try that. I second the Waves' comment. That dress looks great on you
    : )


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