License to Drive

I wore this to:
- work
- look like someone who dressed to match License to Drive's color scheme

And I got a herrcut! I was so peeved about my summer buns not fitting under a bike helmet that I ordered my hairdresser to keep cutting (please) and cutting (please). Resolution! My hair is now wrestled into submission with just two barrettes.

shirt/american apparel (my post)
skirt/beacon's closet, tailored
necklace/thrifted keychain & chain by the yard
shoes/sweatshop retail


I just couldn't turn this Florida keychain down,
so I made it into a necklace.
I don't dig the macabre: the seahorse isn't real.

P.S. -

Helmets are !@#!# imperative. Please do not show me pictures of lollygagging SoHo bike-ridesses with their hair flowing in the wind (or under their Mary Poppins hats) as proof that helmets aren't necessary. This is the proof that helmets are necessary.


  1. Yeah, one of my friends is alive today because he was wearing a helmet. He was side swiped by a car and squished between it and a parked car. He broke his collar bone, elbow, and a few ribs, but luckily not his skull. Do you have a cute helmet? Mine is bright red like my bike.

  2. I always wear my helmet, and it upsets me that most people who bike here don't seem to. It especially drives me batty when people wear hats instead of helmets - that hat will do nothing to protect your head!

  3. It makes me so angry when I see photos of "trendy" bikers without helmets in streetstyle blogs. Who knows, maybe us helmet-wearers just aren't worthy.

    You look cute; that shade of green really suits you.

  4. Ooh, pretty necklace. And great summery, feathery 'do.
    I'm also annoyed about the glamorization of the vulnerable heads on bikes. But then again, fashion has often been about reinforcing women as gaze-objects, not as autonomous, powerful and safe actors with agency (how can you run from danger in 4" stilettos?) so I suppose it's nothing new.

  5. is it not illegal to go without a helmet there? it's illegal here to be helmetless. Love your hair, and that little necklace is pretty special too.

  6. yup, i am so sick of bloggers and their helmetless "cycle chic." nothing is chic about getting your skull crushed.


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