I made this cheese!

When we last spoke about cashew cheese, you left your heroine (me) befuddled by recipes that called for rejuvelac and nutbags. Despite Allisun's encouragement in the comments, I did what any lazy person would do. Poked around on the innernettes. (I also didn't realize Allisun pointed me in the direction of a cashew cheese recipe sans rejuvelac, as well. Guh.)

Eventually (lacto-fermented cashew cheese recipes behind me at this point) I found this simple recipe at Chocolate and Zucchini. And friends, I made this.


It's delicious. Does it taste like dairy cheese? I highly doubt it, but that's a good thing. (Please see: my aversion to milk from lactating animals.)

My goal was to get something similar to the delicious but obscenely expensive Dr. Cow cashew cheese. This recipe yielded a spreadable cheese (like my ol' favorite, port wine cheese) -- it's more of a crackers pairing kind of cheese. Or toast, if you're me. But it did taste like the expensive Dr. Cow version.

For the $5 worth of cashews I used, it produced considerably more cheese than Dr. Cow sells per package. Like 4x more. (And $5 is a bargain for their 2.5 oz nut cheese. Can you believe I have spent upwards of $5 on less than 3 oz. of cheese? While kittens are starving! BOUGIE.)

Pros: easy. no lacto-fermenting. simple ingredients. more cheese for your buck vs Dr. Cow. delicious.

Cons: not a hard cheese. still a little expensive? need to refrigerate for a few hours.

Summary: I will make this again. Crackers beware.


  1. not totally on the same topic, but I've had really good results from making this mac'n'cheese recipe a few times: http://www.vegnews.com/web/articles/page.do?pageId=40&catId=10

    I suppose that it could be worked into an all-purpose cheese sauce type thing but it has more of an alfredo-y vibe than a real cheddariness. Maybe it could even be thickened into a spread?

    Regardless, it tastes super tops and not whimpy and sad nor chemically and weird, as most vegan cheese dishes tend to end up. Big frowny face. I also say this as a folk who will eat pretty much anything that is placed in front of me. Even my grumpy dad likes it. A good sign.

  2. I found a fantastic almond nut cheese that's really reminiscent of goat cheese and feta cheese (which was my fave) a while back. It's now a staple of mine any time I entertain and my non-veg friends love it. All you need to make it is a blender, cheesecloth and an oven. http://www.food.com/recipe/almond-feta-cheese-spread-with-herb-oil-vegan-364732

  3. That cheese looks DELICIOUS. I will try to get Ari to make it for me.

  4. That cheese looks DELICIOUS. I will try to get Ari to make it for me.


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