I cheated!

I've been away for the past 10 days or so but had a few outfit pictures laying around before I left so I scheduled them for when I was gone! I'm a LIAR. (Actually, I'm always behind so this whole blog is like a time-lapse of my life no matter what I do.)

Now I am "behind" on blog-reading, responding-to-your-comments and your-blog-commenting. And taking pictures of clothes. I say "behind"because it tickles me to assume I have a schedule to answer to for this kind of thing.

I offer you some pictures of Nova Scotia while I catch up. I will have no outfit pictures for you since I dressed like a hobo while away. At one point I had on a skirt, leggings, leg warmers and socks. And not in a Comme des Garcon or Dries way, either.






I'm not excited to be back in NYC where it's 98 degrees, disgustingly sticky and I have loads o' work responsibility.

However, all I thought about while I was away were MY CATS MY CATS MY CATS. I have the best catsitter(s) in the world who adore my cats, are extremely responsible and make sure each and every one gets special attention. (It looks like they had a pretty good time, too - I found stashes of organic catnip all over my apartment.) But nothing beats being around my tiny buddies!


  1. Aww I bet your tiny buds missed you lots too! The Canada photos are gorgeous. It's like "taking a trip back in time"

    and 98? really ? not fun amiga. Keep cool!

  2. Welcome home, cheater! Nova Scotia looks lovely--- nice to see your famous backpack lounging by the shore. =)

  3. I know what you mean being behind on posts. I've actually found it's working to my advantage being so far behind being I now have a wealth of material to post once I have time!

    Nova Scotia looks beautiful! I hope you had a great trip!

    XO- Corrie @ www.brooklynbliss.wordpress.com

  4. Stop making me hate being back! Can't wait to see more pics :)

  5. Beautiful! I might need to add this to our itinery for next year!

  6. This looks like a wonderful trip and how nice you got up there while the lupines are still in bloom. I haven't been to Nova Scotia in too long and I think it might be time to go back!

  7. Ha, I cheat all the time. Usually I sit down and create about 6 or 7 entries at once and time stamp them for later posting. It is so much easier, I think.
    Nova Scotia? How beautiful! I have been wanting to go there (and PEI) for years. I feel that beachy vibe, and can get down with the not super hot/crowded beaches.


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