Do You Have Blind Faith in My Tattoos?

I wore this to:

- work

- break down and shop at a sweatshop retail chain after work to get shorts and a skirt that are appropriate to bike in

- be significantly unproud of buying from them (which is not a real word but it's the best word to describe the feeling; please don't use it unless you want to sound like you're in kindergarten)

shirt/sweatshop retail
pin, skirt/vintage, thrift
shoes/melissa westwood ultragrrl


I think this was also the day that a dude on the street told me he really liked my ankle tattoo (the rest of them were covered by a cardigan). He said something like, "I really like that tattoo down there on your ankle." It's pretty amazing that so many guys can love my tattoos, you know, without ever actually seeing them.

BLIND FAITH. They trust my taste, obviously.


  1. i recently came across your blog and i'm looking forward to your outfits everyday. i love your "less is more" style.. where the pieces you select seem to fit so perfectly together.

    and i totally get that shit all the time about tattoos.. i think what he really meant was "i really like that you have a tattoo on your ankle, regardless of what it is."

  2. I know knee-length skirts aren't your favorite, but this outfit is great.

    It's hard to dodge sweatshop retail. I've had some great thrift-shopping luck in the past year, but sometimes I can't find what I need and feel lousy about hunting through retail joints...

    ... and sometimes I just get so, so jealous of all the fabulously stylish people out there, and wish I could set my ideals on fire and go buy fabulous clothes without caring about their origin. This is especially painful when I'm feeling rotten about my looks.

  3. I like this skirt- and that pin : D !!! I have to say you're gutsy bike riding in the city. I tried biking to work, but I think on my route walking (though slow) is safer. Just had too many scary moments. But I'm a big chicken!

  4. The colour of that skirt is gorgeous and i like the cut of your teeshirt too! You know, sometimes everybody has to buy something new...i'm proud that you're unproud, but also be happy that you probably look pretty in those things AND they are functional and necessary. I like what Rebekah said.


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