Bad Chi

Some of you might remember that I have a mild Monchhichi obsession. I only own one Monchhichi though - a keychain verision. The bulk of my obsession is in googling Monchhichi pictures online.

Sometimes this brings on an onslaught of adorable. And other times it brings on an onslaught of WTF. (See, it's the perfect mix.)

Guess which ones these are?

And apparently there are a lot of Chinese People's Liberation Army Monchhichis?

For the record, I maintain that the Beichhichi racoon is the cutest, and not at all weird.


  1. Oh Monchhichi. Did you see my Monchhichi paperdolls on my flickr stream? I am going to keep those babies.

  2. Oh man, this made me laugh. My mom got me a Monchhichi when I was 4. I don't know if any toy has been loved more than that Monchhichi. I still have it, probably packed away in the attic somewhere in Finland.

  3. I totally forgot about Monchhichis. Such a great childhood memory I wonder whatever happened to mine.

  4. Hey! I've just uploaded them to Vintage Toys. You can see them here
    haha, they're still cute.


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