Wanted: Adult Tricycle

I wore this to:

- work

- think about how I'll never be an adult if every time I have a few thousand bucks saved, I just want to get a giant Homeward Bound back tattoo (true/false?)

- think about how I want an adult tricycle, which is also a lot of money (although substantially less than a full backpiece)

shirt & shoes/sweatshop retail
skirt/American Apparel
bow/With Care

If I had an adult tricycle, I'd start an adult tricycle gang.


  1. OMG, I totally have a blue adult tricycle at my parent's house. It belonged to my great aunt and she gave it to my mom when she died. My mom was just gonna put it out at a garage sale and I demanded she save it for me! I've yet to ride it though!

    That little tie is the cutest thing on Earth.

  2. I really hope that the tattoo thing is true. I love that movie!
    And I would totally join your tricycle gang.

  3. If you start a trike gang, you almost HAVE to have more tattoos. Did you ever see the movie "Houseguest" starting Sinbad? Someone asks for a Harley tattoo and gets a tricycle instead...Ridiculous, but pertinent. Ooh, it co-stars Phil Hartman!

  4. Tricycles are all the rage these days--I saw some bikes with one wheel in the back and two wheels and a cart on the front (like a reverse tricycle).

    It's funny you differentiate "American Apparel" from "sweatshop". I always think of AA as having extremely unfriendly employment practices...

  5. I'll bet you could find an adult tricycle second-hand...

  6. I want an adult trike too. I know you would never shop at walmart, but they have a cute purple one online for $250.

  7. Hey...i had to share with you this lot of vintage cat brooches in Persephassas etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/listing/72246688/lot-of-vintage-cat-brooches-instant...you know, in case you want to add to your collection (of cats i mean or pins?)
    And sorry, not trying to spam you, just thought you might like it. That bowtie is still cute.


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