See my baskets? Let me show you.

I wore this to:
- stop by Adeline Adeline to pick up my bike baskets! (below)
- work
- go to the allergist for allergy tests (where I didn't react to *anything*?)
- work
- stop by food co-op
- rip off blythe hill's outfit, which uses the same AA dress


dress/american apparel
shoes/vw, melissa shoes
leggings/sweatshop retail
scarf/vintage via beacon's closet

Last weekend I got a new bike! The same day that cutie Julie got her new bike! And we got the same bike! (Except mine is a three speed.) But otherwise, lady Linus, cream, same frame. Julie's is a Dutchi 1 and mine is a Dutchi 3. Also, hers has a classy proper lady name (Kate Middleton!) and my bike is named...James Hettfield.

The weekend after I got James Hettfield, I (escourted) rode my bike on Brooklyn streets to the Governor's Island ferry, on the island and then back home again. When I realized that I'd actually successfully made the trip past the food co-op, I realized it was already time for baskets. So, soon, I'll be having my maiden voyage home from the food co-op, James Hettfield laden with groceries (mostly cat food) and we'll see how it goes! Despite these being baby steps and everyone else knowing how to ride a bike better, faster and more efficiently than me, I am still pretty proud of myself. And I'm allowed to be.

Also, look at these freakin' baskets. Gah!


  1. yay for cycling! I have punnets, but i may just get a basket anyway!

  2. What a fab bicycle! I'm much to fearful to ride my bike in Chicago, hopefully Indianapolis will be less scary.
    Also, I love those shoes!

  3. Congrats on your new bike. He's a beaut!

  4. Did you take any anti-histamines in the 2 days before your testing? The histamine control should have reacted, at least!

    I am a very slow bike rider, as well, especially because my bike is vintage with HEAVY gears. Practice makes perfect! I keep meaning to get a basket, too.

    I like the scarf with the dress!

  5. Be sure to get a photo of the baskets full of groceries!

  6. oh man. sounds like you're in love with James. Love your outfit Jesse.

  7. oh I'm glad you got a bike that works for you!!!

  8. Those are by far the cutest functional bike baskets I've ever seen. Congratulations on the new bike!

  9. I don't buy those allergy tests. I just went to an ENT this morning because I think my allergist was a dope.

  10. Amazing new bike! Congratulations! A bit jealous even! Enjoy it!

  11. I've been meaning to go to Adeline Adeline and get the same basket (only in mint green) for weeks! So cool that you picked one up. And what a gorgeous bike!

  12. James Hettfield is gorgeous! Love Adeline Adeline- got a super cute helmet there. My bike is cream colored with tan seat & handles, but I haven't gotten a basket yet because I'm still to 'fraidy cat to go riding by myself :( But congrats on your big trip!!! one day, I will bike alone!


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