Never cut your bangs

Well, maybe you can cut your bangs. But I will never cut my bangs again.

When I cut my bangs, I usually keep trimming to even them out and end up with really short kindergarten bangs. Most of the times it takes a few weeks to grow out and no one remembers so whatevs. However. This time it backfired.

Because then this happened:

* media team enters my office*

"Can you do an interview for Good Morning America today? Like now? The camera people will come to your office."

"Right now?" *rolls eyes upward at forehead* "Uhm. Okay?"

Thankfully they only used a four second clip of me. But that four second clip is me modeling my new Lego people bangs. Hopefully I learn my lesson this time.


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry! I had straight bangs basically since I had hair, so I got really really good at trimming my own bangs. Trick is to trim them dry, not wet. And only a little bit. Then snip up into them, rather than across, so that they aren't all the same length. Also, most hair salons will do a bang trim for super cheap, if not free.

  2. oh how i feel your pain! i haven't had a proper haircut in many months because i really want to gain some inches before getting it cut and i wear it up in the summer anyway. long story short, this has resulted in me trimming my own bangs the last few go rounds, with mixed results. it always makes me so nervous!

  3. Oh man been there done that - just that no one came at me with a Camera. And while I love the lego people bangs probably don't suit real people as well. Though I think it'd be pretty hard for you to look terrible. : ) Like Chelsea mentioned, many salons do it for free - at least the one I go to does which is awesome because I don't trust myself with scissors.

    Also congrats on the interview :) that's so cool!

  4. Is there any way you can pass them off as baby bangs? I love tiny bangs with long hair.

    But if not, you have my sympathy.

  5. i want to see it! the clip! i don't suppose it's on the internets anywhere is it?

  6. aww I hate bangs right now too. I'm trying to grow them out now but it is so annoying.


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