Mermaid Parade

I wore this to:

- head to my friend's apartment to put on more makeup and rummage through her props for anything mermaid-worthy

- go to the Mermaid Parade

- chant "mermaids-mermaids-mermaids!" every time the subway doors opened or risk getting water-gunned by my friend

Yes, the Mermaid Parade was last week but I'm a horrible blogger who didn't even take a picture of my final outfit once I added some props and more makeup. And I didn't even bring my real camera to the parade so all you get are crappy iphone pictures. (And this was the same day as the blogger meet-up in McCarren Park but hello? Priorities.)

shirt/street fair silk screen booth
skirt/american apparel
{^links to my post on american apparel}
headband/sweatshop via chicago!

I don't know if you can see the ridiculous amount of eye makeup I had on here? I guess "ridiculous amount" is relative. One woman told me she would wear eye makeup like this every day. Cue the Mimi flashback.

You can kind of see my mermaid tattoos, which proved apropos for the day. But thankfully not that many people commented on the coincidence.

mermaid parade

And now. For the mermaids.

photo 4.JPG

photo 4.JPG

photo 1.JPG

There were more. But the Mermaid Parade was the slowest moving parade in all of the world so we only made it this far before we took a break for some Nathan's fries and lemonade.


  1. Are there mermaids every year? hehe I would guess they moved slow in all those fishtail like skirts.

  2. um, your bangs look SO GOOD! you're totally not allowed to complain about them.

  3. I wanna go to a mermaid parade!!! Loved your cat lady story - you're right you don't look like a cat lady maybe you should bust up in a robe with tuna cans in your hair!

  4. Mermaid festival?! I want to go to a mermaid festival!!

  5. i had no idea there was such a thing as a mermaid parade, but i think it's pretty cool. my annoyance of the week are my stupid half-grown bangs and after looking at yours i am closer to taking the scissors to mine.

  6. I agree with Kim. No complaining about your awesome bangs. And your face looks fab too.

  7. Mermaid parade sounds like just about the (in the lack of a better term) coolest event on the planet.

  8. you are adorable! I saw pictures from last year and wanted to go. It looks wild


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