I wore this to be disappointed.

I wore this to:
- work
- attend the Safety Committee Mtg in my neighborhood

belt/off other sweatshop retail dress
shoes/sweatshop retail

As mentioned previously, there have been a number of sexual assaults in my neighborhood as of late. The day I wore this, I attending a community board committee meeting, which was attended by police from our local precinct. I am not going into much detail here, but it was an incredibly disappointing meeting, which resulted in me feeling less safe in my neighborhood. I wasn't anticipating that.

I think the idea of police and their intentions and ability, as a general concept, is fairly reassuring most times. However, when you're faced with the very individuals who are attached to your neighborhood and you don't see transparency or genuine intent to protect that would build faith or trust -- it's a little disheartening. Instead of having good answers, sometimes there was just denial.

What is positive, however, is the response from the community to protect each other. So, at least we have that.


  1. So scary to hear about this! According to the 72nd precinct there has been an increase in crime in my neighborhood as well (near Sunset Park) and they have put the mobile unit right outside my building for almost a week (which is terribly annoying because the engine runs all night). The precinct has actually been pretty responsive and the community affairs officer even called me this morning. Still, what is up in south Brooklyn, huh? Not feeling safe at home = not cool.


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