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Some of you might consider me a hippie but I don't. Yeah, I know I talked about natural deodorant, reusable containers, avoiding plastic, how infrequently I wash my hair...and jeans. And even reusable menstrual products. And I'm testing out two other natural deodorants these days. BUT EVEN SO. There are far hippie-er than I. I just like to try out things that might, you know, make a the world a better place.

However, I recently tread into territory that I never thought I'd tread. Territory I thought was only reserved for extreme hippies.

NUT MILK. Seriously. And it was pretty awesome.

Homemade Almond Milk

Ever since I got my brawny Vitamix, I've been considering going to the dark side. I already drink soy milk and sometimes almond milk. How hard could this be? My friend S's husband gave me a zine on making nut milk {Making Milk Out of Nuts & Seeds - it's online, too!}. It looked downright charming. (If you think "nut milk" sounds gross, please know I'm totally skeeved by "cow's milk". I am also not into "dog's milk", "goat's milk", "cat's milk" or excretions from any lactating animal. "Nut milk" is a way more sane alternative in my mind.)

First up - almond milk. Turns out almond milk takes a little effort. (aka "not for me!") Even with my bruiser Vitamix, it still needed to be strained and I didn't have the equipment to get the job done or, frankly, the will to do it so I ended up with some chalky almond milk.

Next up - cashew milk. I love cashews. They're like creamy delicious deluxe nuts. (Not as deliciously fatty as macadamia nuts but still.) And they don't need to be strained. Bingo! It is so easy. Easy Bake Oven easy. Easier. 1 cup cashews, 3 cups water and a dash of agave = creamy cashew milk. It tastes a little like soy milk but slightly cashew-ish.

I've been making cashew milk for my coffee for the past two weeks and picking up a bag of raw cashews at the co-op is way easier than dragging home a carton of soy milk. Also I get to be like, "Oh do you want milk for your coffee? Yeah, I MADE THAT MILK."

Okay that sounds weird. But it's still like magic to me. Who knew I'd be making my own milk, guys?

* Thank you to flickr user t-dubisme for the picture of almond milk! It's not cashew milk, but it's at least a nut milk.

** The only downside to this is that the cashew nuts are sourced in India or Vietnam. The soy milk I normally buy, Edensoy, is the only US made soymilk (supposedly the soybeans are grown in the Midwest). So while the weight of my product is much less, it's being shipped farther and isn't made in the US. One alternative will be trying to find raw organic cashews sourced from within the US.


  1. Thanks for linking to your Diva Cup post. I never read that and have been pondering buying one recently. (I've also tried cloth pads and they're really not doing it for me.) I work in a college with only a public restroom, so I was a bit hesitant to use it at work...you've given me hope!

  2. Hey, great post! I've been wanting to make this cashew milk for a while: http://www.joythebaker.com/blog/2011/03/cashew-oat-milk-with-cinnamon-and-agave/
    I thought about your sourcing question, and ultimately, since cashews are a tropical product, I don't know if you can solve the "food miles" dilemma. (The closest would be Brazil, I think. Possibly Columbia). One can't buy "local" coffee outside of equatorial zones, so one can just try her best to buy as ethically as possible. Also, if you're buying in bulk, at least your minimizing packaging. Finally, I know that this is a point of contention between developmental economists and food activist types, but many local economies rely heavily on foreign exchange generated from imported food sales to fuel their own economies and pay off debt, so perhaps buying non-local tropical commodities is a grey issue.

  3. Jeeze I left a long comment and lost it.

    essentially it was this. Rad- I agree with your comment. We've studied these issues at work and it really does depend on each economy.

    Jesse - I've made cashew cream before - but haven't tried cashew milk. I don't have a vitamix though - I worry it may not come out so hot to try this in a regular blender or processor...

  4. Interesting, I've never heard of self-made nut milk. I might actually try that.

    Btw, on the topic of natural deodorants, I'm currently trying out one by Madara, a Latvian ecobrand. It seems to be beating every single natural deodorant I've ever tried before.

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the links you posted to me on safepeoplefood, the non-transfat spread and your composting idea. I'm relieved to see I'm not poisoning our dog...and now I know what not to give! Who woulda thought raisins and avocado? I have a suddenly intense thirst for cashew milk now. Cept they are really expensive over here! $5 for a good handful!. What is the price like where you are? I'm speaking of the cashews. And I totally admire your effort to find great vegan alternatives with all consumption.

  6. thats amazing. Thanks for this total review. I've made soy milk a few times but always assumed almond milk etc was way harder.

  7. I don't think I ever told you but your post about the menstrual cups is what put me over the edge to start using one. My life was changed, for real. I mean, my cramps aren't nearly as bad...

    You know this about me and know how much I love me some animals and animal by products. And you know how deeply I admire your conviction and discipline (and I almost went veggie after attempting to make turkey stock) and this just impresses me even more. That's amazing and it sounds amazingly tasty. I've toyed around with making almond flour as an alternative to regular flour (my old roommate has celiacs), but I had no idea you could make your own nut milk.


  8. you are so amazing! I have thought about trying to make milk but I got intimidated. You made it seem so simple so maybe I will try. I also want to try making vegan cheese. A friend told me it is simple to make and way cheaper. Have you ever tried?

  9. haha, its all down hill from nut milk :) Did you soak the almonds beforehand? Either way I usually strain/press the left overs for a nut cheese with a bit of lemon/salt/nooch

  10. wow I can't believe you made that jug of milk!!! Insane! :D

    Come follow my blog hun :)

  11. The thought of making your own nut milk is radical to me, but I would love to give it a try as well. Almond milk is such a luxury to me - I like to add a little to my coffee to pretend it's a latte. It works most of the time.


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