A Bit on Personal Monies (+outfit)

I wore this to:
- work
- do not recall (but not a la Reagan; I really do not recall)
{Phil Hartman as Ronald Reagan on SNL}
{I love Phil Hartman. I've been re-watching old NewsRadio episodes.}

shirt/resale via Beacon's Closet
skirt/American Apparel
tights/Maggie's Organics
shoes/sweatshop retail
pin/resale via Beacon's Closet?


This shirt sat, unworn, in my closet for about 2 years. I adore button-downs but have struggled to find a way to wear them with a rack that doesn't make me feel dowdy (shirt too big) or like I'm busting out (shirt too small). Partly I just felt either dowdy/busting out in *any* button-down so, once I started blogging and realized that a) I like the structured look of button-downs and b) I never wear button-downs, I challenged myself to get out of my comfort zone. It worked! Behold the slow ladder-climb from jersey to cotton button-downs. Success - it means "having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be." {George Sheehan}

Enough about the ladies. Switching gears.

If you know me in real life, you know I have an obsessive personality and what my brain picks to obsess about is random (Planet of the Apes, cats, even number of drinking glasses in a set, shopping, money situation, repetitive foods - i.e. I ate puffed rice for breakfast every day for two years). Luckily I'm aware of this and thusly can reduce it if I find it's detrimental and can ramp it up to use it to my advantage, if it works as a positive. When I was in debt, I obsessed to pay off my debt like a mo-fo. "If you want to win anything - a race, yourself, your life - you have to go a little berserk" {George Sheehan}

Over at Money Smart Fashion, Grace talks about how she's a little uninspired because her money goals are now more "set it and forget it" and challenges herself to come up with a new, more engaging goal. Same here. I am covered on everything from a 6-month emergency fund, 10% in 401k, Roth IRA -- all the way to savings sub-accounts for everything you could think of (cats' vetting, hair appts, clothing, donations, vacation, accountant, housewares, etc.) All automatic. I am on it.

All this automation means I'm less motivated. No longer focused on money. My savings is just my savings. A certain amount (usually) makes in into its little savings account home monthly. No more, sometimes less. So I'm stealing Grace's goal of saving an extra $100/month.

How do you deal with your money? Are you a slacker? A tiger?


  1. 1) I love that horse pin.
    2) About saving money: I live paycheck to paycheck. I do not spend frivolously, maybe $10 a month on thrifting expeditions. I never go to movies or buy anything I do not need. All extra money goes to food. I probably eat out more than I should. I could try to save there, but honestly, there isn't much left over after rent.

  2. Oh- that shirt is really great as is the horse pin :).

    Egaads money - well, our little household is doing well - but we'll have to start cutting back on spending and tucking away into savings - once I start school again in August. I may not be able to work - which frankly scares the crap out of me. I may look for something that works around a students schedule even if it means going back to work at a coffee shop. If you know of any blogs that cover budgeting and being a student please share.

  3. I use a variation of putting it in a masons jar and burying it. I really hate going to the bank/ the older I get, the more paranoid I become of, uh, all institutions... so into the stash spots it goes. This works out because I try to use cash as much as possible. Cards and paypal are only for internet, emergency and business expenses only. I don't do a lot of shopping or drinking and I don't own a car so eating out ends up being my main luxury expenditure.

  4. 1. i love that you spent an entire paragraph talking about the "girls" and button-down shirts. It is a serious problem when you are um, over endowed?

    2. Yes! i saw your comment on my most and my jaw nearly hit the floor, you are an inspiration! most people don't even have a roth let alone max it out every year. thanks for both reading and stealing my goal.


  5. Button downs suit you like a dream! I love them myself, but i have insignificant "girls"...a wide frame and shoulders (curse all that swimming i did!) so ...tend to look more like a box than a woman. I'm learning though...learning what shirts DO suit, what i can get away with. Your horse pin is gorgeous, it reminds me of a grey parrot one I recently thrifted. As for money, woe is me. i don't overspend really...but i could be saving more.

  6. On button downs - they can be tricky because even if they seem to fit, some will start to shift and pull and nothing is worse than a button down that is pulling and exposing. yuck. but get it a size too big and you are lost.

    on savings. i used to be really good. then i got really bad, now i'm trying to be good again but still, i'm lazy. interest rates suck and every time i try to look into new places to put money, i get discouraged. a five year cd with a 2% interest rate? is it worth it??


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