Winning Contender!

Remember how I posted my wearble wish list and you all gave me feedback as to what logical people would buy first?

Here is where you get a horrifying view of the inner-workings of my brain.

Just posting about those Melissa Ultragirls prompted me to do a quick Ebay search for them and find them at $80 and buy-them-now. I agree everything else on that list would have been reasonable. And that these were the only "gravy" items on that list.

But my brain hates reason.

And just to spite me, it will probably never rain again.


  1. Those are super cute. Waterproof? Nice!
    RE: Nope, not an animal problem with our compost bin. It was definitely a person in our case, since they also moved the wine bottle that my husband throws his cigarette butts into. They put it under the porch. Not knocked over, as if someone accidentally knocked it, but standing up like it was hidden. They've done this twice. These are the same people who smoke in our hallway and steel our mail. Yeah, we live in a winner of an apartment complex...

  2. hahahaha, hey get some enjoyment out of what you spend I say. And it least it was within budget. A sign for sure. Well,that's what I would tell myself.

  3. Thank you both!

    And Teeny, that is exactly what I told myself.


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