A Vegan Goes to Modern Leather Goods

Modern Leather Goods was the last place I expected to end up. Yes, it's an 8'x4' counter space on the fourth floor of a nondescript midtown NYC building, poised to handle animal hide-related repairs. But they are also able to handle some pleather repairs and I had a Matt & Nat bag that needed some adjustments.

My first job was shortening a handle (screw you, cross-body straps!) and the second (involuntary) job was a zipper fix. They handled both quickly and priced the repairs reasonably ($35, $25 respectively).

Modern Leather Waiting Room

manhattan leather

I will never understand cross-body bags. Why? Seriously, companies, why? I'm of the opinion that if'n I have a rack, I cannot carry a cross-body bag with any aplomb. Therefore, my cross-body strap turned into a shoulder strap.

Like so:


matt nat nico long strap



** Thanks goes to my boyfriend, J. My boyfriend was the one who recommended them to me as he was referred to them when some (non-leather) luggage of his broke and the company referred him to Modern Leather Goods as a preferred service provider.


  1. Oh, it looks so much cuter with the shortened strap!

  2. I am torn on the cross body bags... I do hate the way they hang out in between your boobs to accentuate them. But, I was a purse-snatching victim a few years ago (don't worry, I chased his ass down 8 blocks later and got it back), but now I'm paranoid and they feel safer! Plus they leave two hands totally free when I'm thrifting... so I use them.

  3. Looks good!

    Despite my rack, I am pro-cross-body bag. I used to bike everywhere, and a messenger bag allowed easy access to my stuff (unlike a backpack), but never fell off my shoulder and slammed into my wheels (like a shoulder bag).

  4. Er. I dont have much in the rack dept so i'm ok with body crossing straps, having said that I think I prefer your altered bag.

  5. Wow it turned out so well! I think cross body bags are more perfect for travel - you have your hands free :)

  6. your bag looks like a smiley face! love it!

    I had to have a whole bunch of shoes recently fixed and resoled, it was painful to see that it cost as much as getting brand new shoes. But really, now I get more useful life out of many more shoes that I already love!


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