Ties Across America!

I wore this to:
- work
- go to Vegan Drinks

I love this little tie from With Care. I want a million of them to wear with every collared shirt I own. It can be my signature. Any personal effects that bring me closer to being a Teddy Girl are a plus.

042811 003
tie/with care on etsy
mbmj shirt via beacon's
sweatshop pants & shoes

042811 005

Since the evenings continue to offend me with their chill, I brought along a black cord jacket for the evening (complete with apple stick pin, some solid fruit promotion!)

042811 014
+blazer, sweatshop


  1. i really love how this outfit looks with the blazer! the tie is super cute.

  2. more tie love here. Also, cord jacket? Awesome.

  3. look how super cute you look- I missed vegan drinks and was sad because I've never been yet and then I could have seen your super cute outfit in person.

  4. I want a blazer like yours! The tie is amazing.

  5. Cute. I'm totally digging the menswear feel.

  6. Awww, it really is a cute little tie.

  7. That tie is awesome, I've never seen such a small one or one with a pattern on it! The shape of the top is super cute too!

  8. The tie is wonderful. And the corduroy jacket reminds me a brown one I had back in college. I think I might still have it somewhere... Anyway, you look beautiful in this ensemble.

  9. The tie rocks! I scored a tiny tie a few months back and I love it. I have to resist wearing it with everything because it is so good. I will keep my eyes peeled for any tiny ties I might see that would work for you. I am fully in support of as many for you as possible! :-)


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