Sailboat Dress Remix

I wore this to:
- have the worst allergies ever, to the point where I left work
- curse trees! (damn you, trees!)

dress & shoes/sweatshop retail
tights/american apparel

It kind of kills me to deem the dress "sweatshop retail" since it's a smaller designer I used to be quite loyal to but their labor practice explanation is amorphous. (Hello, can I know which articles are made domestically? Like Steven Alan does?) I know overhead costs are huge for small designers and I understand why they outsource overseas but I am still not entirely on board.

Luckily I've had this dress for a while so I feel like I've gotten a lot of use out of it, despite the memorable pattern.

Winter Sailboat Dress

2-1-10 Monday:  Seriously?

Summer Sailboat Dress



  1. that's a shame about their explnation. It's a truly lovely dress! I admire you for taking your clothing sources so seriously.

  2. the dress is very pretty on you!

  3. The dress suits you beautifully.

    I have the same ethical problem with Trashy Diva; beautiful, well-made clothing, straight from China.

  4. Jesse! I am crazy for this dress. And all about trading. Let me know if you are interested in a swap. :)

  5. The dress looks great on you Jesse. Dresses are so versatile for all seasons - which is probably why I own so many! I too admire you for making ethical choices...it does make me think twice!

  6. If you start to feel too guilty about wearing the sailboat dress, I'll take it off your hands :)

  7. Ohhhh I love it too, what an amazing dress, WANT! I had no idea that brand had questionable labor practices.


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