The Pining: It Returns

Ever since my retooled budget, I've been super genius at saving money. (Granted, I had to set up a budget system where I trick myself into thinking I can't touch any of the money I'm saving but I've tricked myself, so congrats to me.) I'm the Hero of Saving As Planned.

As you all know, I get $80 monthly to spend on clothing/shoes/accessories. And I usually tell you what I spent my $80 on, monthly (see link).

Lately I've been doing what every good personal finance blogger recommends: when I want something, I put it on The List. They never explain how to manage the dang list, though! The List now has many items, and as I stare at the $5.27 I have left in my coffers, awaiting my June $80 stipend, I'm plotting how best to use my $85.27. What do I most need? What do I most want? And which purchases best support my values?

I feel like putting everything on The List did not help me make a decision. It did let me forget about it long enough that I didn't impulse buy everything I wanted as soon as I wanted it. (Minor win. Now, if only I'd lost my list?)

The Contenders:

Black oxford/tennis shoes: $80 Everyday Apparel shoes (my H&M ones are, unsurprisingly, dying a young death.) Mostly I want the Black Sharks. Although I dig the purple & black version, it's less versatile for me compared to plain black.

But if I had an extra $80, I'd get 'em. Just trying to be honest about what I'll get the most use out of. I rilly rilly seriously ferr reals want the Zoetropes (aka Black Sharks Hi-Tops!) -- they are already on my list for fall.

Flats for the rain: $150 Ultragirl flats with tortie bow
I've mostly been wearing either my Melissa Anglomania rainboots or a pair of Payless pleather black flats when it rains. I probably don't really need these, and they're the most expensive thing on this list. But wouldn't it be great if I had these?

Trousers for everyday: $25 American Apparel chambray trousers (these are $75 but I bought a groupon-y thing for $50). Truth be told, my wardrobe has a trouser-size hole. I would likely wear the crap out of these, although I've yet to try them on to see if I like them on me.

Tailoring: $30, estimated; green floral skirt (it's a maxi skirt beyond my height) and striped dress (needs to be hemmed into a mini). This needs to get done no matter what.

Skirt, belt, book and 2 necklaces

Mystery Dress


  1. I've never heard of Everyday shoes but now I am lusting over "The Sharks" in denim!

  2. I admire your budgeting and documenting of your wants vs. purchases, etc. Currently, due to budget and no access to cash- I don't even have my normal meager pocket money to use for thrifting. Therefore I'm going a little thrift hiatus and shopping my closet for summer clothes. However I still have a giftcard with money on it, and some PayPal money from etsy sales... so I def. have a few spendy type items I could add to a "list" if I were to do that. Last night I found a pair of handmade-in-the-USA sandals on etsy but they are $50... which is likely a fair price, but steep when you are on budget where even $50 a month on personal items is pushing it. I always have trouble deciding whether I should spend $ on one big dollar item, or break it up into smaller purchases.

  3. hmm - the list seems like something I should try. I also have a monthly spending budget or 'fun money' the hubby has one too. We each get the same amount to spend on ourselves each month. I used to spend all of mine every month - but the past 6 months (as you said above) I've tricked myself into saving it for a "goal" for instance a big ticket item or to spend on a trip. I don't know how I've been able not to spend it - because I am the queen of purchasing un-necessary things.
    : ) If I were in your shoes (ah! a pun?) I would spend the money on the repairs/hemming for the clothes you have first - then start the saving for the shoes you want.

  4. Everyday Apparel has some amazing shoes. I've been lusting over the Zoetrope for over a year. That is one brand that needs to get more face time! And way to go with the budget!

  5. I put myself on a shopping ban and it lasted all of a week. I suck. I put back a pair of shoes at a charity shop today because i knew that i wouldn't wear them enough to justify the $2. The lady felt sorry for me and offered them to me for free, is it a minor achievement that i didn't take them? Do you find it easier not to shop, by not tempting yourself and going near the shops? Does it feel constrictive at all that you stick to a list? I'd say, get the dresses tailored and then buy the pants. Perhaps layby (or do you call it layaway?) the shoesies

  6. wow, i would be so bad with a budget...i would be breaking it every month! i also have a pile of dresses that i never wear because they need to be hemmed. i say that should be #1 cause that dress is adorable!!

  7. hi there! Can't believe I am going to miss finally meeting you at Vegan Drinks tonight, was totally planning on going- since I've yet to go, but something's come up & will have to miss it. boo. there's always next month!


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