Pants Pants Revolution

I wore this to:
- work for a long time
- try to look as boring as possible for said work meetings
- cover the band-aid on my knee due to tripping on my way home, essentially falling right smack into a phone booth (no, really)

I am so sick of wearing pants to cover my knee. It's got a few days more before it's suitable for public viewing.

One thing I have learned from this: I hate all non-jeans pants I own. That's probably a disservice to all the women before me who fought for the right to wear pants. But it's true. Pants, I hate you.

042811 001
sweatshop pants (few years old)

sweatshop shoes

I should probably be grateful I didn't break my face. Glass: officially half-full.


  1. Jeans are still pants, so your feminist predecessors will undoubtedly forgive you.Nearly all pants look hooooooorrible on me, so I can relate.

    Glad you didn't break your face.

  2. I am sick of pants in general, even jeans. This is posing a problem, seeing as I own very few skirts and dresses and zero pairs of shorts.

  3. I had the exact same epiphany two years ago, and gave all of my non-jeans pants away, including any jeans that i felt ugly in. Which left me with one pair of jeans. And seriously, I'm glad...I friggin HATED those other pants. That sole pair of jeans are now cut offs...and that makes me saaaad. Since then, I've bought two more pairs of jeans, one brown and skinny, one blue and skinny-ish - not as good as my cannibalised cut offs...but they don't make me feel ugly, so i'll live with em.


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