I wore this to:
- leave work early due to the worst allergies all season

Then I slept for 14 hours. Narcolepsy. I could probably sleep another 14. There is so much I could have done with that 14 hours. *le petit sigh*

brooch, skirt/thrift store

tights/maggies organics

shoes/sweatshop resale

I have nothing else to post because I sleep my life away.


  1. but sleeping is FUN! I haven't slept for that long for ages, but i love it. Ideally I would have an afternoon nap every day!

  2. LOVE this outfit. Good job accessorizing :)

  3. I'm surprised you'd have allergies so bad on such a rainy day!

  4. allergies suck, i know, i have them. And on the plus side, you needed to sleep. 14 hours bliss, but i bet the day went way too quickly after that.


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