Kate Jackson Update

Despite being rained on 500x, Kate Jackson seems relatively unaffected.

My big street-riding news: this past weekend not only did I ride my compost to the garden on the less traffic-y 6th Ave half a mile, but I also rode on the more traffic-y 7th Ave to get to vegan pizza at Pizza Plus! 0.8 miles! (Yes, that means not even one but that's okay.)

kate jackson via re cycle
photo via a listing on re-cycle:

I still have mixed feelings about riding with traffic and I wish NYC was littered with Class 1 bike lanes but I think my final goal is to be able to get my groceries 1.5 miles from the food co-op to my apartment after having biked there. And that I can bike to the YMCA. (For you non-Americans, I don't stay there; I just go there to pretend to work out. When I go there.)

I didn't bother getting a picture for bike wardrobe remix since I spent the weekend in a black sweatshirt, rolled denim shorts and slip-on Vans. (You know, dressed like the dudes I used to date in middle school.)


  1. Whoa, your bike is gorgeous! Congrats on your successful street biking - it must be nerve-wracking in Park Slope.

  2. Congratulations, 0.8 miles is a good start! You'll be riding like a pro in no time. A good blog for lady cyclists is Let's Go Ride A Bike.

  3. Good job! Cycling on a road full of cars is super scary!

    Even though I am used to cycling around Providence- which lacks bike lanes and other amenities, but about 50% of our motorists seem to care about not hitting or freaking out road-sharing cyclists- I do get really nerved when riding around unfamiliar places. While I was Pittsburgh over the summer, I almost felt like I had no idea how to ride a bike. The first it the mile to Wholefoods and back felt like the greatest accomplishment ever... even though I only ran down there to get an onion.

    The more you do it, the easier it becomes! Pretty soon you will be zooming all over the place.

  4. Can we do a trade--I'll help you get more confident biking in BK and you can help me set up a composting system? Seriously. It sounds like we share the same coop, gardens, etc.


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