How Old is Your Dress?

I wore this to:
- attend Farm Sanctuary's 25th Anniversary Gala
- try not to tear up when Hilda's story is told (I dare you not to)

I also wanted to show you my friend Susanne's vintage dress. Not only did it have a matching wrap but she also wore a vintage hair accoutrement, which you can just barely see here. It's something I've always aspired to do, but she's done it! Isn't the fabric fantastic?

Susanne and me

susanne and me fs gala

My dress is my grandmother's from the late '60s or '70s, I suppose. She'd given it to me ages ago but I hadn't yet worn it. I'd never run into an evening occasion that required (or allowed for) a full length evening dress. Thankfully it fit with no alterations because I had short notice that my colleague had offered me and J two tickets.

Awesome silent auction news: Turns out my bid won the Cri de Coeur $300 gift certificate prize!


  1. Yeay! Cri de Coeur. That is a great win. Both you ladies look amazing. It's great that you got to wear the dress : ) I feel like I have one too many 'occasion' dresses in my closet and no occasions to wear them to.

  2. Wow that's a pretty awesome prize!

    I have a few of my grandmother's dresses but she was teeny tiny and none have fit me since I was about 12 years old, hah.

  3. Great dresses! Yours must have been designed with your tattoos in mind.

    That is one fabulous silent auction.


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