A Gold Watch for Lion

I wore this to:
- work
- shop at the food co-op

05-02-11 051
scarf - Bklyn thrift
sweater - Beacon's Closet
tapestry bag - Beacon's Closet
pants & shoes - sweatshop

I feel compelled to note that the mug and tote bag were gifts (work, mom) and the "new" cat doorstop is from my beloved Film Biz (v. "butter"dish excursion).

My vintage lion bank is now retired from his duty of keeping the door closed. He's pushed back and forth so much I was afraid I'd end up damaging him over time. He needs an engraved gold watch for his many years of faithful service.



  1. both the cat and the lion are ace! I hope the lion has a nivce 'retirement'!


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