Everyone Likes a Pool

In my work travels I've learned that just about everyone likes a pool.


The folks at the poolside table said they'd been hanging out in the pool for hours, in and out.

I'm having a duck-month, I guess.

On my travels home on Easter we ran into a mother and her 12 ducklings who literally needed to cross the 4-lane road. With buses and cars from 2 directions. When the babies couldn't make it up the curb to join the mom, she got very stressed and frantically quacked while they struggled. So we had a great team effort with one car blocking the road for us as we ushered her and her babies up over curbs and across the street to relative safety. It was one of those moments that restores your faith in people!


  1. That is truly awesome. Hooray for humanity! I live in a duck friendly area...but much less busy. For example, our main road also has a stream running alongside. Cars stop for ducks and duckling....I've done it myself and seen it regularly.

  2. How very Make Way for Ducklings!

  3. There are always ducks in my condo's pool early in the morning! I think it's super cute, but maybe also a little gross? Unfortunately there are also a ton of big geese around, who just stand in the roads and refuse to move and they're super mean! Ducks are cool, geese are not.


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