Coming to Queens

I feel silly saying I'm like so-o-o-o behind on blogging. It's like saying I'm so behind on eating ice cream? (Mint chip o' the vegan variety, what's up?)

So. Consider this post pleasantly aged.

I wore this to:
- visit the Museum of Moving Image
- eat a great red quinoa/avocado dish @ Cafe Bar
- stop in Site, which I'd only heard about before
- attend birthday party

cardigan, shoes, leggings - sweatshop retail
tie-dress - portland crossroads/resale
ray bans/polarized - found!

I used to live in this area of Queens, which I hated while there since our apartment was a horrible nexus of used car lots, a greasy spoon and a bodega. The bodega's only advantage was selling Mexican Coke with real sugar. (Okay, my roommate was the one who cared about that.) Usually the only thing that lures me back to Queens is the thrift store shopping.

I hated it so much then that it's still surprising to see it looking slightly spiffy -- the renovated Museum of Moving Image (which I keep typing as the Museum of Moving IMAGINE - hello?) and tsotchke stores like Site.

At any rate, please enjoy the photographic bounty of the day:

Free dishes at the movies
(I have a set of "movie dishes" that I begged off my grandmother)

Also from the merchandising area - very big mistake.

Bottled tears and perspiration.

Even though I hate hate hate Sex in the City, I figured there'd be some interest in:

- the makeup they used on the show laid out by character
- your layout cheat sheet


  1. Mmm I want some mint chocolate chip ice cream now!

  2. Quinoa and avocado dish? What else was in it because those are two things I really love. I'll have to google a possible recipe.

  3. @Chelsea - it was a molded cake of red quinoa with diced avocado inside paired with a salad of mixed greens and grilled spring veggies!

  4. that CP30 is flippin hilarious. did you buy it? I hope so!


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