Black Thumb in a Jar

Let's do the time warp again: This is something I neglected to post from last week. This week I'm stuck living out of a suitcase for work stuff and, trust me, there is no brain space for trying new braids or dressing like I give a hoot.

I wore this to:

- try "heidi braids" for the first time
- go to a friends' vegan brunch potluck & terrarium-making birthday party
- eat delicious waffles with cashew cream
- make vegan biscuits
- take a bus to NJ to another party and eat a veggie burger

05-02-11 070

05-02-11 031

05-02-11 063

05-02-11 052

05-02-11 013

I deliberately picked pictures that weren't directly of folks to protect my friends' anonymity. Most of them are important public figures, spies, or both.


One day I'm going to get my act together and ask people if they mind their picture is posted here before I'm writing the post.


  1. I love the idea of a terrarium making party!

  2. Your friends are spies, i knew it! Your second reason is just a guise. Anyhow, thought i should tell you all of your skinny pant wearing has inspired me to buy some HOW COMFORTABLE ARE THEY and VERSATILE, yes I'm shouting my collaboration with skinny jeans. I like that cardy!

  3. Your skin is beautiful! Please do a "green beauty products" kind of a post if you get a chance.

  4. I love, love, love you with the 'Heidi braids'!!

  5. P.S. Let me know if I may point to your blog from my hair blog/tumblr and maybe repost a few pics of you as an example of how to do a lot of things with long hair and still look put together. Lazy ponytail folks need to take a tip from you!


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