Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric

I wore this to:
- work
- dinner at boyfriend's place
- watch No Country for Old Men (Bechdel test failure?)
- celebrate the very rare "short sleeve sweater weather"

shirt/thrift store ages ago
shoes & jeans/sweatshop retail

My lovely boyfriend, upon seeing this outfit, asked me if I was going to post about dressing like Charlie Brown. (Yes?)

Little did he know that back in "the day" I owned and loved a Charlie Brown/blockhead t-shirt. (If you have no idea what that is, click the link.)

By "the day" I mean my mostly-inebriated teenagehood, circa Dirt "a supplemental to Sassy" magazine. In addition to the short-lived Dirt, I also read a lot of Thrasher despite not skating, and Charlie Brown shirts were plentiful and de rigueur.

At this time I also:
1) wore overall shorts and had a green stripe in my hair
2) wore pants that were 14" larger in the waist than my proper size
3) listened to Less Than Jake
4) received a comp CD called "Big Pants Waste Precious Fabric"
(*cough* J Church and Less Than Jake *cough*)

Thankfully we all eventually figured out that big pants do, indeed, waste precious fabric (or just look lame) and they fell out of favor.


  1. Charlie Brown had style.

    Ah, big pants. I wore enormous pants myself, often homemade. I'd wear them again, but without the roomy, dropped crotch this time.

  2. This sweater is beautiful. And yes, Charlie Brown did have style...maybe you have seen this dress:

  3. I totally used to dig on Dirt and Thrasher too, and ironically I was a non-skating, shy farmgirl with two older sisters and no boy friends/cousins/neigbors... maybe those mags satisfied a need for a youthful testosterone POV in my life or something. Plus, cute boy pictures to put on my walls.

  4. I didnt notice the Charlie Brown until you mentioned him saying it hehe. (we've had like 4 short sleeve weather days here in SF, very sad)

    I think most of us in a similar age went through that moment. I was really into Deftones, I shudder at the thought of it now.

  5. Pfft to your boyfriend - that sweater is AWESOME!

  6. @29 Skirts - Nope, I hadn't seen that! Funny!

    @madamowl - I think the cute boy pictures definitely had something to do with my periodical choice!


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