Yes, Virginia, there is a vegetable butcher.

I wore this to:
- work; panel interview someone
- meet boyfriend and his dad for dinner
- walk through the remnants of a cracker-sponsored home farming event?
- stop by Eataly for the first time ever out of curiosity
- managed to only spend $6 @ Eataly (got staples: bread & pasta)
- marveled at "the vegetable butcher" @ Eataly because I'm lazy


CK t-shirt dress/uptown thrift store
Urban Renewal jacket via Beacon's Closet resale
sweatshop tights and flats

P.S. -- nerdboyfriend did Sanford and Son. This made me happy.


  1. Oh my gosh- I think I need a personal veggie butcher in the home. As it is I have to beg /barter for Mario to chop the veggies - I like to cook - I hate to chop

  2. This outfit is so lovely. The jacket is beautiful and so very versatile!

  3. I love the cute little swing jacket. very adorable.

    Chic on the Cheap

  4. You are busy doing things and going places; I am busy folding washing, and chauffering children and making beds. Your life sounds a touch more interesting on the stimulation front. Love the jacket, perfect colour and collar!

  5. A most excellent jacket.


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