Pint Sized @ The Brooklyn Super Hero Supply Store

I wore this to:
- work
- have an old man back*
(*thanks, yoga + letting the cats sleep with me)

shirt/wbrg buffalo exchange
tights/maggie's organics
skirt/american apparel
shoes/etsy vintage
silver locket/pre-loved

You may recognize this shirt from this mending circle post, where a woman exclaimed, "Who's mending this little boys' shirt?" and I had to reply, "'s for me."

This happened to me again at the Brooklyn Super Hero Supply Store. (I'd never been inside and my boyfriend convinced me to enter, only to promptly use some super hero gadget to blow a giant puff of air in my face. I'd like to think that wasn't planned.)

I decided to buy something utilitarian so I could support the store's charitable effort (non-profit for kids' writing skills). Enter: black tights purchase. Okay, fine, black super hero tights purchase. In kids' size 11-14, the biggest they had. I put them in the vault (there is a purchase process that involves a vault, super hero name and an oath to be recited) and all of a sudden my super hero salesperson came out of the booth and (quite responsibly) said, "Oh, just a minute. These are actually kids' tights; did you know that?"

"Yep, buying kids' tights!"


I open the can. What do I find? We Love @##%#$!@# Colors tights!

After all my time avoiding them when every blogger and their grandmother's mah jong partner was posting about them. But guess what? They're big enough.

Super powers, indeed.


  1. That shirt fits perfect and it's really cute on you! Yeah, it's a cute way to package tights and awesome that the $ goes to a good cause... but weird that they are just We Love Colors tights.

  2. Welcome to the colored tight world! I bought a pair of mustard yellow tights, and still haven't mustered the guts to wear them. I like the darker hue. I also own the same skirt - and find that it's hard to pair it - I'll try the flannel look... you look cute!

  3. my husband put some tight security measures on my laptop yesterday and i couldn't comment here but tried all day!!!! I love this outfit. i've been trying to find shoes like yours since you first posted them...but luck yet. I re-read your Mending Circle Post, makes me more determined than ever to refashion everything.

  4. This is such a super cute look. I think the tights are great!


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