I Attend a Cooking Class with a Senior Dog

I wore this to:
- look super really really serious
- work
- go to vegan (entertaining) cooking class

dress/TheClothesHorse shop-my-closet
tights, shoes/sweatshop retail

My friend was super nice to think of me when she couldn't make it to her Seasonal Entertaining - Vegan Dinners cooking class and offered to sign me up in her stead. Coincidentally, the cooking school was next to Film Biz. And they had a very cute 14 year-old dog.

Out of 10 people, I was 1 of the 2 vegans in class. When we introduced ourselves it felt strange to say that I've actually been vegan for 16 years and vegetarian for 21 years! (The other vegan had less than a year.) It made me think about how much has changed. Back then you'd never have had a vegan cooking class in a non-vegan establishment, much less 8 out of 10 attendees being non-vegans.

The class recipes were interesting, but accessible and everything ended up being really delicious. We finished the session eating together at big banquet tables. The recipes used a lot of fresh herbs, which I suck at. I wish I was better at knowing which herbs go with which foods. How does the instructor know all of that stuff? I want to learn. By osmosis. I shook her hand. Do you think that's enough?

I've started thumbing through my Field Guide to Herbs & Spices, which I picked up at a stoop sale last spring. So far I know dill goes with cucumbers. And pickles. And (vegan) mayo. But it doesn't say what to put dill mayo on?


  1. A recipe I like from Clean Food uses dill with lemon and olive oil, on green beans and potatoes. Very light and summery (if you wanted an alternate use to mayo).

    I grow rosemary, basil and sage plants in the apt. because I like those herbs, and they seem to work well with a variety of recipes (even desserts!).

  2. I just throw things together and see what happens. Dill is really good on oven roasted potatoes. And in egg and cheese scones. My boy is a master of herb mixing. He went through a phase last year where he put marjoram on everything. Now we have none left.
    I really like that dress. It has a sort of a gothic springtime feel to it.

  3. I'd love to go on a course like that, and I'm not vegan!

  4. That dress is insanely cool - I love the detailing! I am not great with herbs either, I tend to put fresh basil or cilantro on everything because they are my two favorites!

  5. You're rockin' that dress! I've kind of been toying around with the idea of teaching a vegan cooking class with a friend of mine - (but I mean there are too many other things going on in life right now) It's great that you go to go to the class and play around with herbs & such. The more you cook the more you see what herbs & spices go together. It's fun to experiment.

  6. I love using dill with carrots, in lemony rices, and mixed in spreads on breads. I also make a vegan potato salad with lemon juice and olive oil, and I throw on dill and paprika.

  7. Dill smooshed into mashed potatoes, as well on cucumbers or carrots.
    Rosemary with roasted potatoes, yams, parsnips, etc.
    Coriander with tomatoes.


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