Experimental Casual: Limited School-Ruling

I have a backlog of outfits -- a lazy week that consisted of limited clean laundry and some experimental outfits. As with experiments, some things will go horribly wrong and some things will rule the school. Unfortunately, I had limited school-ruling in these efforts, but I'm glad I tried them anyway.

Example 1: Making myself wear a craft-related item for which I'm personally responsible. I like crafts and I like crafty things on others but then I feel like they look too arts-and-crafts on me? I felt okay in this, although everyone commented on it. I'm pretty sure they commented on it because it's "different", not necessarily because they liked it. (You know how that is - people notice something and they feel they have to say something.) Oneida was happy to be photographed.

04-01-11 pictures 013
jeans & oxfords = sweatshop retail
shirt/swap, appliqued by me

I wrote about making this wolf applique in this post and it looks like this:


Example 2: I try to wear a billowy shirt and pretend it fits the right way. This Lark & Wolff shirt is actually just 2 sizes too large, vs. "billowy". I made the mistake of trying to wear "billowy" and "boxy" at the same time. The upshot is that I really like these colors together! Too bad I didn't wear a skirt with a waist for this outfit instead! Next time...

04-01-11 pictures 010
sweater & shirt/Beacon's Closet resale
boots/Hearts of Darkness, Cri de Coeur
jeans/sweatshop resale

04-01-11 pictures 011

Example 3: I remember this sweatervest, which I've only paired with black in the past and assume it will look good with my boring blue shirt.
I like the color combination just fine but I wish I'd worn it with a skirt or tucked into high-waisted pants. (I only have high-waisted jeans, so these were lower-waisted and that is pretty annoying, although it affords me large meals without subsequent discomfort, which is worth a lot.)

04-01-11 pictures 007
tapestry bag, sweatervest/resale
jeans, sneakers/sweatshop


  1. I love the woolf applique! I'm going to try taking an outfit picture with a kitty one of these days...

    Overall, I think you are too hard on yourself; you look beautiful in all of these outfits! Then again, I'm no stranger to clothing experiments, so who am I to talk... In my book, if it's different, it is good. :)

  2. I am a hardcore fan of sweater vests worn with sharp-collared dress shirts.

  3. Your wolf applique totally inspired me to applique a tartan scotty dog on a scarf I'm making for a friend. I also like the colour combo on you mustard yellow sweater + billowy patterned shirt. My fave is the last outfit, the sweater vest is very cute!

  4. The third outfit is the best, but I like them all. Oneida is huge!

  5. Thank you, everyone, for your kind words!

    @ Sarah - Oneida is actually my medium-sized cat. *Orko* is huge! He can reach the top of the stove when he stands! See? http://www.flickr.com/photos/jessecoug/4243204329/


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