Don't let this braid fool you

I wore this to:
- work
- get stuck in miserable rain on way to food co-op
- arrive at food co-op soaking wet
- hear announcement that all checkout systems are down
- put everything in my cart back on the shelves; leave!
- miss bus by 15 seconds
- walk the 1.5 mile home, still wet from previous downpour

At least I ran into at least 3 people I knew between the train and the food co-op, so that was neighborhoodly.

Also, don't let this braid fool you. It didn't even last my walk to the subway and I ended up with a ponytail instead. My hair is braid-resistant and I will never know why. I had plenty of braids when I was younger - french, plain, Princess Leia. Now? None.

Built by Wendy dress via Beacon's resale
American Apparel tights
sweatshop shoes


  1. What a crappy series of events! I love the dress with the bright tights! That's weird about the braid, I have a friend who can't do braids either because her hair so super straight it's just like too slippery?

  2. When it rains, it pours. Or whatever that silly saying is.

    I have slippery-hair-syndrome and deal with a fair amount of braid-resistance. By the end of the day my braids have become all disheveled, but i like to think that it sort of looks cute.

    Love the dress!

  3. My hair is unfortunately braid resistant too, it totally bums me out. It is partly due to the texture as well as some of the layering cut into my hair, if I braid it short pieces stick out all over and it just falls apart.

  4. Oh, I like this simple look and can see you walking along the street, being neighborly. I've been trying to do braids lately, but I know my problem is that I have too many different lengths of hair. Thank you for your comment at Rags.

  5. If my hair is braided, it looks like a gazillion hairs of the nether-region variety are trying to escape off my head. I would be very peeved and drinking copious amounts of wine had I needed to deal with that series of unfortunate events.

  6. I love braids too, but my hair is probably similarly thick and slipperly. Maybe a few pins would help?
    This dress is perfect. Pockets and simplicity!

  7. hehehe, braid resistant...I find that I must double, triple & wrap the the tiny braid end back up or the hair tie just slips right off at some point unbeknownst to a dress with pockets.


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