Do It: She's My Cherry Pie

I like to spread the word about lazy yet delicious recipes. I feel like it's my civic service.

I saw this mini-pie recipe on A Beautiful Mess and, since Pepperidge Farms' puff pastry is vegan and I own a muffin pan, I decided it couldn't be that hard to find vegan pie filling and knock out a dozen of these babies. Add one can of Comstock MoreFruit Cherry pie filling and I was in business.

mini-pies! (vegan)

Seriously adorable and seriously tasty.

Next time I think I'm going to use mini-cookie cutters to do shapes (like the heart on the left) instead of all that lattice-work! It'll be just as cute.


  1. Wow! cute and super easy : ) THanks for sharing - I had no clue about the pepp-farms pastry!

  2. seriously CUTE. great idea!
    you had left me a comment about the two outdoor strays, yes, the couple that feeds them are very responsible-they try to TNR all the kitties that come to feed!

  3. @ Caitlin - I stillllllll owe you chocolate bars! I'm so sorry!

    @La Fille - Yep, it's one of those "accidentally vegan" items, like the Pillsbury Crescent Rolls!

    @vko - That is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing that with me!

  4. This looks so simply amazing, I'm totally going to try it! Did you have to line each little thing?

    Also, I'm loving your huge cat! in the the post below

  5. @ Eli - NOPE! They just slid out on their own, no liner necessary! And thank you for the large-cat-love!


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