Cousin It & Kate Jackson

I wore this to:
- work
- haircut at fringe
- drop off my taxes

This was post-haircut. The indefinite grow-out had landed me in Cousin It territory. We got rid of about 3" and fixed my bangs so I can wear them straight or a little to the side for when I wear glasses. My glasses will be happy to see the light of day again. Sorry, little buddies.

dress/resale Beacon's
belt/Pineapple Mint

navy cotton tights/Maggie's Organics

rain boots/Melissa*Anglomania

I'm totally peeved. The day after I picked Kate Jackson up from the bike shop (spring tune-up!) it rained all damn day. I had just unearthed her from her winter tarp to bring her to the shop and locked her up outside when I brought her home. F@#! you, April!

This is her twin sister.
She has a black cruiser seat and silver basket.

We had one short ride to the community garden to drop off my compost before she got rained all over. Conveniently my compost bucket fits right in my basket. I just put a plastic bag over the top of it so I didn't need to have onion peels catching wind right into my face. And so I didn't need to be upwind of it's lovely scent.

When I arrived at the garden gates with my keys, a couple arrived simultaneously on their bikes with their compost bucket. Ahhh, Park Slope.


  1. ooh no - stupid rain. We'll I hope you'll have some sunny days this weekend to ride. At least you're we prepared with your rainboots. : )

    hehe I went to Fringe to er, get my fringe trimmed while in NYC in October. Soeaking of which I'll be back in June ( work related but I'm trying to make it so I can stay an extra day or two and check out some stuff I missed!)

  2. Sigh. I need a haircut. But i like it longer. REally like it. that belt is a clever pop! to your black ensemble. And the boots are so cute huh!

  3. I've been meaning to try the Fringe in Tucson - it just replaced the Tony and Guy I used to enjoy... your cute haircut is now my inspiration to give it a try!

    Cute belt. Oh yeah, I just adore your clothing style and posts!

  4. Ugh, I am so fed up with my hair lately, that I can do is tie it up and I still don't like it that way. Your hair and your bike are freakin' adorable. And remind me how badly my bike needs a tune up (and possibly new tires and a new saddle).
    That rain on Saturday almost ruined our fun evening.

  5. I love the notion of bicycling with compost!


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